FIS Snowboard World Cup at Kayseri Erciyes on February 27

FIS Snowboard World Cup, on February 27, Kayseri Erciyes: International Ski Federation (FIS) and Turkey organized by the Ski Federation, "the FIS Snowboard World Cup final stage, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Erciyes AŞ supports the 27 on Saturday, February Devel Door will begin in. Speaking about the made in Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits of the organization, he said that they came to this level with a very good work.

The introductory meeting of the Organization, Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits was held in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik and Erciyes Inc. Chairman Murat Cahit Qing, with the participation of Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel in Ortakoy.

Ski Federation President Erol Benefits Speaking at the meeting, "It's a good organization, I am pleased to make the announcement first to Turkey. Since we came to Turkey Ski Federation it was a period of about 22 months. We had a target for 22 months. To organize an Olympic goal in the framework of Turkey, Turkey can reach the Olympic medal athletes and will bring a significant level will take place in winter tourism in the world. While improving our sporting success on the one hand, a strategy which highlights the other side of Turkey's winter tourism promotion, we stated that we would be a part of. " said.

"Today we are pleased to announce to you our first World Cup mountain in Turkey have reached a level making organization." Erol Yarar continued his speech as follows:

“Yes, it is really difficult to get a world cup in the adult category. It takes trust because the best athletes in the world should come. There should be a very strong infrastructure and great trust should be given to the region and the federation organizing it. It is difficult to achieve all these together in as little as 22 months. I would like to thank all my friends, the metropolitan mayor, our organization company, and my professional friends. We reached this level today with a very good work. Satisfaction with the emitter Kayseri as Turkey's pupil almost as many years that our ski area is a reward for the effort they put them in return for their investment for 11 years now here in a contest to show Kayseri to live in the world I feel you pleased to announce. "

Explaining why Kayseri was chosen, Erol Yarar said, “Kayseri is a city that has been continuously investing in its region for 11 years and making these investments at international standards. Preventing much restraint with single-headed management and never lost his determination to make a ski resort of international standard, I see as Turkey's largest region. " He continued as follows:

"As Erzurum, such as Bolu, Turkey has ancient regions such as Bursa. All of these have potential. But I want to express that in Kayseri, a center managed by Turkey's largest ski with the center that identity does not arouse any suspicion us about the receipt of such a competition and relying on such a competition is very important in terms that we can. We found it appropriate to hold such a competition in Erciyes, Kayseri. Our proposal was deemed appropriate as a result of the examinations and was approved by FIS. "


Kayseri Mayor Mustafa Çelik said, “I invite our citizens living in our country to Kayseri for such an organization. Kayseri is a city with 6 thousand years of civilization where firsts exist. Many innovations started a city with the local government for the first time in Turkey. We are in a very peaceful and calm city in terms of public order. " he spoke.

Stating that they built the runways in Erciyes as a local government and the investment amounted to 200 million Euros, Mayor Mustafa Çelik said, “There are 30 tracks and 18 separate mechanical facilities. Our longest runway is 105 kilometers. Runway length will increase to 2 kilometers in 160 years. We can transport 25 thousand people per hour to these facilities. The facilities are those established by giant companies recognized in the international community. This year's target is 2 million visitors. The bed capacity is 500 in Erciyes and 6 in the city. We are planning to increase the bed capacity in Erciyes to 6 thousand. I invite everyone to a planned, properly developed and managed one-stop winter sports center in Kayseri, a city of peace, which is planned and developed properly. I would like to thank the authorities for choosing Kayseri in such an important organization. " said.

After the meeting, Erol Yarar and Mustafa Çelik posed for the press with their 38 numbered promotional jerseys with Kayseri's license plate.

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