Bursalı climbers are preparing to climb the French Alps in Uludağ

Bursa mountain climbers are preparing to climb the French Alps in Uludağ: Bursa Uludağ Mountain Climbing Club (ULUDAK) members are preparing the climb to the French Alps at minus 13 level in the challenging conditions of Uludağ.

Uludağ Mountain Climbing Club member 6 climber has successfully completed the climbing on the snow and icy course regardless of the freezing cold after a one-day walk in the snow of 2 meters.

The climbing under the chairmanship of Uludağ Mountaineering Club President İsmet Şentürk caused dangerous moments. During the escalation of the violent poyrazda, President İsmet Şentürk occasionally warns other climbers and teaches them how to walk in order not to fall down.

Climbers who were tired during climbing training in the snow and ice lanes performed in deep snow and icy conditions, continued to climb up and rest periodically.


Uludağ Mountain Climbing Club President İsmet Şentürk said that they have carried out such interesting activities every week and said yağ After the heavy snowfall in the last days, Uludağ Mountain Climbing Club continued its winter training in Uludağ before the climbs we will do abroad. Ulu

İsmet Şentürk stated that Uludağ offers many different working conditions for climbers. Dağ Although Uludağ 2 is a mountain of 543 meters, it is a mountain where we call it over the neck and the climatic conditions can be very harsh. In recent days, severe Poyraz has lowered heat to minus 15-20. In these difficult conditions, we have made trainings on adaptation to these difficult conditions with our friends. Ler

Underlining that Uludağ is not just a ski resort, Şentürk said: ı We can also call it a paradise among the climbers. We had training on climbing in the snow and ice lanes in the bowl between Uludağ's south facing Kuşaklı Kaya and Şahin Kaya. These trainings are a preparation for our overseas climbing. Every year we climb in the Alps, mainly in Switzerland, France and Italy. This year we are planning a climb in the French Alps again. We do this preparation process in Uludağ and other mountains. . We've done this climbing in a team of 6 people under minus 13.

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