Metrobus Tension at the Stop

metrobuste tuberculosis
metrobuste tuberculosis

Metrobus tension at the stop: In Avcılar, citizens waiting at the stop for a long time were outraged when the metrobus came too full and the empty ones did not stop. Passengers who had to wait close to an hour continued on their way by the empty metrobus they had stopped by force.

The intensity on the Metrobus line has infuriated the citizens. At the Haramidere stop, passengers who wanted to ride the metrobus in the morning had to wait a long time. Exaggerated by the metrobus and the empty ones to stop because of the angry citizens, the road stopped by forcing an empty metrobus. The driver who had to open the doors continued on his way when the vehicle was full. However, many passengers had to continue to wait because of the pounding.

Metrobus Tension

After the same situation continued, the citizens stopped and then stopped an empty metrobus. Minutes between the driver and passengers continued discussion. But this time the driver didn't open the doors. After a while citizens withdrew from the road and continued to empty the path of BRT.

Due to the intense metrobuses and empty stops at the station to stop waiting for the citizens to stop once again after a while forcing an empty metrobus. There was a debate between the driver and the passengers who did not want to open the doors. However, this time the citizens did not want to open the path. Some citizens waited in front of the vehicle while others wanted to open the door by hitting the doors and windows. After a while the driver had to open the doors. Thus, citizens waiting for an hour near the stop were able to go on their way.

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