Administrators of Islamic Cities on the Tram

📩 07/12/2018 16:25

The executives of Islamic Cities got on the Tram: Mayor Halid Bin Abdulkadir Bin Hasan Tahir made examinations on the trams that made a trial run on the Alaaddin-Adliye Rail System Line built by Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, hosted by the Islamic Capitals and Cities Organization (OICC) 's 30. 4 with Board of Directors and Cooperation Fund. At the end of the Digital Interaction Committee Meeting, the term presidency and the Digital Interaction Committee headed to Konya.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality hosted by the Islamic Capitals and Cities Organization 30. 4 with Board of Directors and Cooperation Fund. The Digital Interaction Committee Meeting ended with the reading of the final declaration. Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek stated that in the meetings held successfully, issues such as increasing cooperation between the members and sharing of experiences were discussed. Mayor Akyürek stated that they had very useful interviews with the mayors and thanked everyone who contributed to the organization of the meeting in Konya.
President Akyürek stated that they had carried out a martyr in Konya during the meetings and that OICC Secretary General and members of the board of directors shared the grief of Konya and wished that Islamic cities would be away from all kinds of evil. President Akyürek, "Islamic capital and cities of peace, peace, brotherhood, not only in the Islamic world, but in the realm of humanity all over the world," he said.

OICC Secretary General Ömer Abdullah Kadı read the final declaration of the meeting and thanked Konya Mayor Tahir Akyürek for hosting the most productive meetings. Kadi said that OICC will host Konya in its 2016 conference, and that the Presidency and the Digital Interaction Committee Presidency has moved to Konya. Kadi, "The city of history and culture, an important meeting was worthy of this beautiful city," he said.
Usman Fadhul Albar, the Mayor of Mecca, said that they were pleased to see the old and the new together in Konya, an important city that hosted civilizations, and wished continued relations with Konya. Albar thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek for the organization.

The Mayor of Medina, Halid Bin Abdulkadir Bin Hasan Tahir said, ın After a very fruitful meeting, we have seen that there are so many subjects that we can benefit from the experiences of Konya. We would like to thank you for the interest shown here. I believe that the relations between Konya and Medina will develop further from this point of view. Konya
President Halid Bin Abdulkadir Bin Hasan Tahir, made by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality on the Alaaddin-Courthouse Rail System Line, who made a trial expedition found the tram lines. History Bedesten'e also passed Tahir, received information about the restoration work.

Qatar Doha City Mayor Muhammad Ahmed Al-Sayyid, Bahrain Manamah Mayor Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, Mauritania's Mayor of Nouakchott Maty Mint Hamady also stated that the meetings were very productive and that the meetings and the resolutions made contributed to the solution of the problems in the Islamic world. they wished. Mayors, Konya, history, culture and warm-blooded people with a lot of people loved it, he added.
The mayors who visited the historical and cultural sites in Konya during the rest of the meetings, took the marbling from our traditional arts and took the works that emerged as a souvenir.

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