Romania Receives Refurbished Trams

Romania receives Renovated Trams: The modernization of the 2 tram, which has been modernized with the partnership of Electroputere VFU Pashcani and Astra Vagoane Calotori, was unveiled in Timasoara. 8 It was perceived as a gesture that the presentation in July coincided with the traditional transportation day.

It is learned that the modernization process includes 30 Wegmann GT4 trams and the contract price is 14,4 million euros. Modernized trams have a length of 18,38 m, a width of 2,31 m and a height of 3,7 m.

During the renovation process, the exterior walls and windows of the trams have been strengthened, passenger information screens have been renewed, the ventilation system has been changed, and tramway cameras have been installed for security purposes. In addition, it was announced that the electrification of the Timisoara tram line was underway.

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