49 Germany

New Trams in Freiburga

Freiburga New Trams: The first tram class of urbos received from the Spanish CAF company went on the streets of Freiburg. The date of the tram, which entered service on July 16, will start regular flights. [more…]


Ecological village fast train

The ecological village was caught on the high-speed train: METU professor. Dr. İnci Gökmen and his wife Prof. Dr. With the initiative of Ali Gökmen, 15 years ago, Kırıkkale came to life in Hisarköy. [more…]

Intercity Railways

TANAP setting on TCDD's scale

TANAP setting to the weighbridge of TCDD: There was a problem in the kilogram quota used by TCDD to determine the price of 1.2 million tons of pipes to be used in TANAP. TCDD cut the account to 36 tons, medium [more…]