Here; Trams run between Alaeddin-Courthouse

At work; Trams to operate between Alaeddin and Adliye: Konya continues to receive the biggest investment in transportation in recent years... Two of the latest model trams to operate between Alaeddin and Adliye have arrived in Konya. Alaeddin-Courthouse [more…]

16 Bursa

Description of the hike in Burulaştan

Statement from Burulaş about the increase: Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, made a statement about the increase in urban public transportation vehicles. Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy said that transportation vehicles [more…]


Rail System Trabzona Must

Rail System is a Must for Trabzon: The transportation problem, which is among the biggest problems of Trabzon, remains on the agenda. The practices carried out so far have provided some comfort to Trabzon transportation. [more…]

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Orders Stopped In Car

Orders stopped on the wagon: The delayed regulation exhausted hopes. Railway transportation decreased by 25 percent. Logistics companies that ordered thousands of wagons saying "Rail transportation is being opened to the private sector" [more…]