54 Argentina

Argentina gets its first train

Argentina gets its first train: Argentine domestic transport minister Florencio Randazzo visited the port of Buenos Aires to examine the first of the diesel trains to be purchased from CNR Tianjin. Chinese firm CNR from Tianjin [more…]

225 Ivory Coast

Agreement reached for Abidjan subway

An agreement was reached for the Abidjan metro: 6 was signed on July Monday for the first line of the Abidjan metro. The project will be implemented in partnership with French and Korean companies. The percentage share of the partnership is Hyundai Rotem (33%), [more…]

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966 Saudi Arabia

Construction of the Riyadh subway started

Construction of the Riyadh subway has started: Tunneling has started for the first line of Riyadh subway. The work, which was started with tunneling machines, is planned to be completed by the middle of 100 by progressing weekly 2016 meters. Riyadh [more…]


Africa recovers iron nets

Iron nets save Africa: Africa cannot benefit enough from underground resources due to problems in transportation. Experts say that the railway will solve Africa's logistics problem. Copper, cobalt, zinc, silver, uranium… These mines are in Zambia. [more…]

Intercity Railways

1 injured in the crossing in Elazığ at level crossing

Accident at the level crossing in Elazig 1 injured: The tractor, which was hit by the train at the level crossing in Elazig, was split into two, and 1 person was injured in the accident that occurred. According to the information obtained, the accident was located in the Çağlar village of Elazig, at the level level. [more…]


Level crossings prevent loss of life

Level crossings will prevent loss of lives: 4 in Manisa's Alaşehir district will be made a separate level crossing reported. Mayor of Alaşehir Gökhan Karaçoban; State Railways of Alasehir Municipality 3. Regional Directorate [more…]