Dedeoğlu: Tramway project does not benefit city traffic

Dedeoglu: Tramway project does not benefit the city traffic. Provincial Chairman Halim Dedeoglu, metropolitan city by the tram project will not contribute to the city traffic, saying, "Trolley work because of the people who live in vain, difficulty," he said

DSP Provincial President Halim Dedeoğlu, board members Numan Gülşah, Bülent Naz and Hussein Kuluç together with our newspaper to make a larger and more projects to create vision in Kocaeli said. Dedeoğlu said that the tramway project made by the Metropolitan Municipality will not contribute to the traffic of the city. Yapılan We advocated the establishment of a light rail system between Hereke and Köseköy years ago but it did not. Now they make trams between Sekapark and the terminal. This is not a project that will help urban traffic to relax. People work hard to vacillate because of the tram. Tram


Halim Dedeoğlu said, Hal This is not the project that should be in Kocaeli. When the railway was lifted, it could be closed to traffic and a light rail system could be installed over the existing system. The tram project, which is currently being considered and under construction, will not provide a convenience to the public. Ş Dedeoğlu added that the organization works continued and added, ley The closed districts of the party are opened one by one. Gulf and Başiskele districts occurred. The negotiations with Karamürsel, Kartepe, Kandıra and Gebze continue. When our organization works are completed, we will share this with the public. Women and youth arms appearing on paper will be activated soon. Kağıt

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