Intercity Railways

Railroad Rebellion of Citizens in Izmir

Railway Revolt of Citizens in İzmir: Citizens who stated that transportation could not be provided in Ödemiş district of İzmir due to the railway dividing the city into two, rebelled that they had to walk three kilometers every day for no reason. [more…]


Can trains be more speedy in rail transport?

Can trains accelerate more in rail transport: Research is being carried out in Europe to increase the weight of railways in transport. In Romania, engineers are trying to get more cargo to be transported faster in wagons. Variables such as braking distance [more…]

34 Istanbul

Transition schedule on the bridge became clear

The transition schedule on the bridge became clear: Tekeshi Kawakami, Project Manager of the Bay Crossing Bridge, made very special statements. Death of Japanese engineer Kishi Ryoichi, who committed suicide by blaming himself for breaking the rope known as 'Catwalk' [more…]

taipei metro no longer longer
886 Taiwan

Taipei Metro is now longer

Taipei Subway Is Longer Now: The subway railway has been extended in Taiwan's capital, Taipei. The line extension on the 5th line of the Taipei subway will be operational in the next few days, and citizens will continue to do so for a month. [more…]

86 China

New Trains of Shenzhen Subway Introduced

New Trains of Shenzhen Subway Introduced: Chinese company CSR Zhuzhou has introduced the trains to be used in Shenzhen subway. 6 11 of the Shenzhen subway of the trains at the presentation in July. line will be used. 2 of trains in publicity [more…]

91 India

India's Titagarh Wagons to Open to Europe

Titagarh Wagons Expands to Europe: Indian train manufacturer Titagarh Wagons acquired Italian company Firema Transporti with an agreement signed on 9 July. In the statement made by Titagrh Wagons, with the company in Italy acquired, the company is now [more…]

33 France

Lyon Metro is Renewing

Renewal of Lyon Metro: D line trains of Lyon Metro are being renewed. Sytral, the Lyon transport association, received the first train of the renovation works undertaken by CAF. Agreement with CAF [more…]