Konak Tram Passed Rails

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the laying of the railway laying at the Konak Tramway line of the 26 km. In the middle of February, the average daily 95 passenger will be transported with the vehicles to start the trial.

A very important step has been completed in the rail system investment initiated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for a modern, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe public transportation. Karşıyaka After the tram was put into service last year, Konak Tramway has also come to an end. A total of 25,6 km of track laying work, built as a double line between Fahrettin Altay and Halkapınar, has been completed. The last 50-meter rails, which were suspended due to the Mithatpaşa highway underpass works, were also completed and the F.Altay-Halkapınar line met.

What has been done so far?
- Mansion and Karşıyaka The total number of 42.2 km, including double lines along the route for trams. rail is laid. In addition, the 3.8 km tram line was established in the storage areas.

  • One of them Karşıyaka- 2 Workshop-Management Building, 2 Support Building and 2 Vehicle Washing Plant were built in the Mavişehir area and the other in the storage areas in Konak-Halkapınar region.
  • A steel tramway bridge was built on the Bostanlı Stream, while the concrete bridge over the same stream and the prefabricated bridge on the Meles Creek were renovated.
  • Served by 17 vehicle and 14 stop Karşıyaka 2 units, including 6 vehicles at the warehouse site, 21 vehicles and 18 stations will be serviced at the Konak Line.
  • Approximately 500 km of cable was laid to be used for energy supply and communication purposes. - Approximately 70 thousand m² of new turf area was created along the route.
  • 300 people actually served during the project.

Countdown to trial expedition
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed rail productions, continues its works on electrification, signaling, road, green area arrangement and traffic safety in the line at full speed. Trial runs will start in mid-February at Konak Tramway, which consists of 18 stops. Konak Tramway, which includes 6 transformer buildings, 40 switches, workshop and management building in Halkapınar, and storage facility, will be put into service for the residents of İzmir after the test drives.

Wagons ready
In the interior and exterior design of the sea with the blue and turquoise shades are emphasized, but also Izmir's sunny weather, and the vivid and cheerful structure of the tram cars in Izmir, 32 meters long and 285 passenger carrying capacity. According to the feasibility studies carried out, a daily average of 95 thousand passengers will be transported in Konak line.
21 vehicles of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality that will serve in Konak Tram are kept ready in Halkapınar and Mavişehir storage areas.



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