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estonia talin station
Photo: Levent Özen / RayHaber

Railway transport between Estonia and Russia: Estimated railway transport between Estonia and Russia will be resumed in May.

A written statement from the Estonian Railways (Eesti Raudtee) said that Tallinn-Moscow train services between Estonia and Russia will be restarted.

The train, which will be moved from Moscow as the first expedition of rail transport between the two countries, will first reach Saint Petersburg and then to Tallinn. The journey will take approximately 18 hours. There will be a daily train service from Talinn to Moscow.

Last May, the Go Rail Railway company was reported to have been closed for purely economic reasons, since the number of tourists recently traveling from Russia to Estonia has decreased significantly.

However, as a result of the political and economic tension between the two countries after Russia's annexation of Crimea, it was shown as the main reason behind the closure of the railway.

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