European visa for the container transport wagon

Sivas produced container transport wagon to the European visa: that freight wagon production in Sivas, Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) TSI certificate (Mutual Operability Technical Conditions) was received for Rgns type container transport wagon. New generation freight wagons produced at the factory will now be used in railway networks in Europe.

Technical documents of the Rgns type container transport wagon, TÜDEMSAŞ Quality Management System and production lines were inspected at the factory in Sivas by VUZ (Vyzkumny Ustav Zeleznicni) company registered in the European Union database (Nando). Receiving positive results from all tests and examinations carried out by VUZ company, TÜDEMSAŞ received the TSI certificate for the Rgns type container transport wagon, which states the uninterrupted and safe operation of freight wagons operated on international railway lines in freight and passenger transportation.

Said General Manager Yildiray Koçarsl TÜDEMSAŞ made nearly a year of hard work, this document is received through that door opened TÜDEMSAŞ all of Europe's and Turkey's boxcar sector skip class. Koçarslan said, “We will take control of the second leg of this, Sgns type wagon. Hopefully, we will have been certified for this wagon after successful inspection. As of 2015, we have started our TSI studies for Zaces type Cistern Wagon and Tans type Closed Ore Wagons for the stages of project, prototype production, testing, certification and mass production and our work continues at full speed. When we arrive in 2018, we will have a TSI certificate for 10 of our wagons, including the new generation national freight wagon, and we will be producing these wagons at TSI standards. This is a very important step for our railways and is a historical success. ”

VIRA company representatives Jiri Puda and Jan Veselik stated that TÜDEMSAŞ has achieved international standards in the production of freight wagons as a result of the audits and that it has been awarded the TSI Certificate and has passed the class.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 15:57

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  1. Wagons manufactured by 60 for years are going to and from Europe in some private sector. In recent years, wagons are being tested abroad or tested from abroad. So the wagons produced until the last 3-4 year Due to the TSI and UIC conditions, the manufacturing authority has not been acquired by affiliated partnerships, so the subsidiaries have just started production of high quality. Moreover, it is not clear whether the TCDD or the technical acceptance committee considers them according to the universal conditions. Our vehicles should be made in the highest quality in order to be safe and safe.

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