3. bridge business murder case begins

📩 24/11/2018 16:58

  1. The case of bridge work murder begins: 3. the construction of the bridge in the 3 workers' death prepared on the indictment, work security was noted.
    In ISTANBUL, the investigation on the death of 5 workers, who fell together with the scaffolding, while concreting the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge North Marmara Motorway viaduct construction on 3 April last year, has been completed. In the expert report, 7 of the 5 defendants were found to be 'original' and 2 'secondary' to be flawed. In the case opened in the 6th Assize Court of Istanbul Anatolia, the defendants will be tried with a request for up to 15 years in prison for 'causing death by negligence'.
    The investigation into the accident that took place in the construction of the viaduct, resulting in the death of workers Lütfü Bulut, Yaşar Bulut and Kahraman Baltaoğlu, has been completed. Within the scope of the investigation, the expert report prepared by occupational safety expert Şule Sezgin, retired chief labor inspector Hüseyin Arslan, civil engineer Hasan Ünal and lawyer Hüseyin Alkın stated that the accident was predictable and preventable and that the accident occurred due to negligence, negligence and carelessness.
    In the 10-page report, the construction of V-35 viaduct undertaken by bridge and highway construction undertaken by ICA İçtaş-Astaldi partnership was carried out by Ongun Yapı Çelik Kalıp Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi. Attention was drawn to buying from.
    It was pointed out that the boiler was not enough quality and quantity to carry the load of the scaffolding structural elements and that the scaffold installation was not able to carry the load on it and failed to carry the load. In the report that the safety belt life line was not installed for the workers against the collapse of the pier, the report said:
    “In the first stage, the scaffolding is not the quality and quantity required by the work and the installation is not made in accordance with the technical requirements. Death would not have occurred if the pier had not been destroyed. In the second stage, if the workers were given a seat belt and these seat belts were attached to the securely fixed anchorage points or formed lifeline, the workers would hang in the air and there would be no death, even if the pier was destroyed. ”
    In the report, the principal employer ICA deputy project coordinator Mustafa Cılız was found to be the principal defective on the grounds that he could not appoint a health safety coordinator in the project preparation stage, did not prepare a health safety plan, did not include the life line in the project, did not provide the necessary technical personnel requirement and did not bring the necessary audit obligation as an employer. In the report, the sub-employer Ongun Construction employee Namık Kılıç, Site Manager Özgür Vatan, occupational safety expert Gülenden Kara, Urtim official Serdar Urfalılar were also found to be defective.
    Prosecutor Şerafettin Özdemir prepared the indictment in accordance with the expert report and presented it to the 6th Heavy Penal Court of Istanbul Anatolia. In accordance with the indictment accepted by the court, the cases were filed against the defendants, 5 of whom were original and 2 of them were defective, with the request of up to 15 years in prison for 'causing death by negligence'.
    Unal Demirtaş, the lawyer of the families of the dead workers Lütfü-Yaşar Bulut, said: “The company that took the project worldwide did not appoint a health safety coordinator for the project coordinator Mustafa Cılız; . In such a great project, pushing worker health and work safety to the second plan causes worker deaths in our country. In our country, where 1850 workers died in work accidents last year, the absence of occupational safety measures in such projects also encourages worker deaths. Those who are responsible should be punished at the highest limit. ”

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