They left the carnations on the tracks in memory of the children who died in the accident

📩 03/12/2018 16:39

In memory of the children who died in the accident, they left cloves on the rails: In memory of the two children who died in the accident at the level crossing in Sivas last week, the residents of the neighborhood left cloves on the tracks.

Among the children who lost their lives in the accident, Samet Yılmaz's mother Zekiye and father Hayati Yılmaz and residents of the neighborhood walked from the historical Kesik Bridge and came to the level crossing where the accident occurred.

Yilmaz couple shed tears for their son Samet here. In her statement to the press, Anne Yılmaz said, “I do not want other Samets and Kadir (Kadir Dökmetaş) to go. I am a mother, my heart is burning, other mothers should not be heartbroken, a solution should be found ”.

Hayati Yılmaz said “the place where the word ends” and said that he also used the same bridge and level crossing to go to work.

Yilmaz, wanted to take the necessary measures on the route.

Aydın Güler, who made a statement on behalf of the residents of the neighborhood, wished God's mercy to Kadir Dökmetaş and Samet Yılmaz, who died in the accident.

Stating that such accidents happen frequently at the level crossing, Güler said, "We are here to make the voice of a 40-year-old neighborhood heard and find solutions to its problems."

Laughs, Karşıyaka The bridge between the neighborhood and the city center, providing access to the level of crossing and the authorities said they expect help from the solution.

Karşıyaka Neighborhood Muhtar Çetin Aydın reminded that the historical Kesik Bridge, which provides transportation to the neighborhoods and many settlements, is under renovation and that a new bridge should be built in the region.

After the speeches, Samet Yilmaz died in the accident and Kadir Iskmetmetas in the memory of a level crossing the carnation was left.

Karşıyaka Citizens residing in the neighborhood and surrounding villages provide transportation to the city center from the bridge near Esenyurt Mahallesi due to the repair works of the historical Kesik Bridge.

In Sivas, on March 7, the Blue Train from Malatya to Ankara hit a motorcycle with 4 AU 35 plate at the level crossing near the historic Kesik Köprü, and Kadir Dökmetaş (9672) and Samet Yılmaz (15) died at the scene in the accident.

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