Train Travel turned into a nightmare

Train Journey Turned into Nightmare: During the semester holiday, 9-year-old Sedat Çoban, who was heavily wounded by the stone thrown on the train they were returning to, from their hometown family in Malatya, returned from death.

Çoban, who was heavily injured as a result of hitting the head of the stone thrown on the train in the Soğma hamlet of Oymataş village of Batman, while returning to Malatya on February 6 with the South Kurtalan Express, was held in the intensive care unit for 3 days in Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital. Çoban, who was discharged after his treatment and reported for 1 month, also remained away from his school during this period.

The Shepherd family, whose train journey almost turned into a “nightmare”, urged everyone to be sensitive about this issue in order not to hurt other people.


Father Mehmet Çoban, in his statement, said that they took a train to return to Malatya 3 days before the schools opened from Batman, where they went due to the illness of their father-in-law during the semester break.

Stating that the train was attacked with stones in the village of Soguksu in Oymatas village, Çoban said that two people between the ages of 15 and 20 were throwing huge stones on the train, one of the stones broke the glass of the train and hit the head of his 9-year-old son, Sedat. It had. The stone grazed him, came to my son's head. He was buried in my son's skull. A stone could be brought to that tiny baby. It is very unscrupulous. ”

Medical teams, they told the train on the train at the time of the first intervention to the son of a Shepherd, descending to the first station and the son of the Bismil State Hospital, said the son took his ambulance.

Stating that his son was later transferred to Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital and stayed in surgery for 5 hours, Çoban said that Sedat, who was in intensive care for 3 days, was discharged after being treated for a while.


“I had that pain. Çoban, who said that this should not be another parent, said:

“I'm calling out to the authorities, let those who do this and stop the stoning of the trains. I am 50 years old, they have been grinding that train every time I go by train for at least 40 years. Unfortunately, there are those who stoned to Diyarbakır after Diyarbakır. For this reason, the doctors said that many wounded came to them, who died and some entered herbal life. ”

Çoban, who wants the necessary punishments to be given to those who smash the trains and to take the necessary measures to prevent these attacks, said: “Those who do this are unscrupulous. How to throw a pound of stone on those people's head within a meter. What kind of unscrupulousness is this. ”

Stating that he applied to judicial authorities to find and punish criminals, Çoban said, “I will do whatever it takes to stop this job. I will not give up my case ”.
Mehmet Çoban stated that his older son was viewing the size of the stone, the broken glass and the current state of Sedat with his mobile phone, and that he could give these images to the court if necessary.


Mother Aynur Çoban stated that they had a hard time after her son was injured and said, “My life is gone. Our lives are very bad. We want him to find his right place. ”

Describing that his child is back from death, Çoban said that the doctors were destroyed when he said “Sedat could die”.

Çoban, who expressed great suffering while waiting for his sons in front of the operating room door and intensive care unit, stated that they would not forget those days for life.

The shepherd wished that other families would not experience such suffering.

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