Trabzon railway is dreaming

Trabzon railway is dreaming: The railroad which was given as a promise to Trabzon every time and it was not prepared as a kind of project was still left to other dreams. It is known that this project, which was brought to the agenda by the news center and that Trabzon bureaucracy was not able to take action, was pushing for this road while Erzincan was pushing for this road.

The regional bureaucracy that wants to connect the railway which is coming from Iran and Georgia to Erzincan is going to do it in full swing. Süleyman Karaman, the Erzincan bureaucrat who resigned from TCDD's general manager post, is expected to be the transport minister, and if this step takes place, he will say goodbye to Trabzon railway.

The Trabzon bureaucracy continues to resign from its duties only to become MPs.

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