An avalanches on the highways of Mushta fell

An avalanche fell on the Muşta highways teams: the avalanche fell on the construction machinery which was working on the road of Muş-Diyarbakır road. The snow-combat teams working on the road to open the road at the Kozma Mountain in the Muş-Diyarbakır highway remained under avalanche.
According to information received, the Mus-Diyarbakir highway 30. The road was closed due to the type of snowfall and type which was effective in Kozma Mountain region.
Highways were launched by crews to open the road, working with a snow thrower and bucket. Snow combat teams dropped avalanches on their work machines while they were working.
Provincial operator of the mobile phone with the event to notify the incident after the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate and highways teams were shipped.
As a result of the work of search and rescue teams, 4 personnel were reached under an avalanche. It was learned that the personnel who survived the incident were in good health.
Work is under way to remove the workplace under the avalanche of the work continues.


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