Metro stations leaking water

Metro stations are leaking water: KadıköyMetro stations in Istanbul, Taksim and Gayrettepe are leaking water. A few days ago, Kadıköy If you remember I brought up the leak in Kartal Metro's New Sahara Station… I wrote that there was water flowing from the ceiling due to the isolation problem and this problem could not be solved. Desperate officials placed buckets in various parts of the station, but this measure did not prevent the ground from returning to the lake.


After this news, I have received messages from many Istanbulites that provide transportation by metro. They said, "The only leak is not the New Sahara." Turns out the same problem was happening at two points. Taksim Metro's direction of Harbiye Gezi Park and Gayrettepe subway entrance were leaking water. Üzer In Taksim, there are currents in the section just above the escalator. There's no place to run, we're getting soaked. We're in the rain. And the odd thing is that you can't find a solution. At the entrance of the Gayrettepe metro we are facing the same difficulty. Authorities do not see what happened, we are very curious. Yet

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