Kirazlıköprü Road Construction Tender 12 to be Performed in March

Kirazlıköprü Road Construction Tender 12 March: AK Party Bartın Deputy Yilmaz Tunc, Bartin-Karabuk road in the Kirazliköprü dam to be built due to the construction of the variant road 12 March 2015 15 XNUMX date. The Regional Directorate announced that it will be held in Kastamonu.
Deputy Yılmaz Tunç stated that the construction of the variant road, which will be built due to the stay of the Bartın-Karabük road within the Kirazlıköprü Dam, has been transferred from the State Water Works to the Highways, the Highways 15. Regional Directorate of Bartin-Karabuk road on the Kirazlıköprü dam in the area between the 16-24 kilometers to complete the 12 March 2015 announced the construction of the tender on the date of construction. Deputy Tunç, the construction of the road from the time of delivery will be 540 days, he said. Kirazlıköprü dam passing through the Baraja-Karabuk road from the end of the reconstruction of the Baraji Tunç, indicating that the end of the dam, Celalihan viaduct is completed, noting that the viaduct of İncirlidere is about to be completed, also the passage of the tunnel is also taken into the investment program, the road as an open tunnel divided as arrival. the road will be built as the tunnel's project work is continuing.

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