Deputy Tunç Amasra Tunnel

Deputy Tunç Tunç Amasra Tunnel explained: AK Party Bartin Deputy Yilmaz Tunc, Opening 3 month ago Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan with the participation of the ventilation fans in Amasra Tunnel, emergency phones and tunnel access on the way to remove some of the electric poles he made a statement about the press.
Bartın deputy Yilmaz Tunç statement, removed within the tunnel removed materials, because they are not in compliance with the specifications of the tender stating that, Highways in accordance with the Directorate of 15.Local Directorate of materials determined in accordance with the specifications of the materials in the shortest time to bring the materials to be brought, stressed that will be installed. Deputy Tunç, in connection with the removal of some of the lighting poles, a new arrangement will be made in accordance with the standards of highways to make a new arrangement said.
Amasra Tunnel, Bartin and Amasra, which provides a very comfortable transportation deputy Tunç, connecting roads and viaducts, intersections with the 1100 meter-long tunnel cost 75 million pounds, he said.
A historical investment for Tunç, Amasra and Bartın, Amasra Tunnel added that there is no problem to hinder transportation.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:24

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