Tosya-Gerede-Merzifon Motorway Process Start

Tosya - Gerede-Merzifon Highway Process Start Receives: The project process of the Gerede-Merzifon Highway Line, which will pass through the Tosya district of Kastamonu, has started.
Following the launch of the Gerede-Merzifon Highway Line Project, which was prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the EIA Application was opened to the public. Environmental and Urban Planning by Kastamonu Provincial Directorate of Highways 15. It was highlighted in the letter sent to the districts of the Regional Directorate that the public opinion, questions and suggestions regarding the project could be given to the Governorship or the Ministry until the Environmental Impact Assessment process was completed.
In the article sent by Kastamonu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism; UM Amasya Bolu Karabuk Kastamonu Cankiri Corum Province Eskipazar, Gumushacikoy, Merzifon, Gerede, Atkaracalar, Cerkes, Ilgaz, Kursunlu, Kargi, Osmancik, Tosya countiesGerede Tosya Eskipazar Kargı Osmancik Gumushacikoy Regarding the Gerede-Merzifon Motorway Construction and Quarries Project planned by the Regional Directorate of the Project, the EIA Regulation prepared in accordance with the EIA General Regulations in Annex-III of the EIA Regulation and submitted to the Ministry, is subject to the EIA Regulation's 15. EIA process has been initiated according to the article.
In this context, the EIA Regulation 8. In accordance with the clause (5) of the article, the public has started the evaluation process related to the project and the EIA Application file is opened to the public's opinion, until the Environmental Impact Assessment process is completed, It should be announced by any means like ''.

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