Tramway Expeditions Begins at Düvenönü-OSB Route in Kayseri

Tramways Starts on the Düvenönü-OSB Route in Kayseri: The Rail System, which cannot serve for a period of time on the Düvenönü-Organized Industry route due to the work of the underpass and overpass carried out by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality at the Highway Interchange, starts its normal flights tomorrow.
In order to relieve traffic and ensure uninterrupted flow, rail system flights could not be made between Düvenönü-Organized Industry due to the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality at the Highways Junction.

Highways Junction under the rail system under the crossing can not be done because of the end of the work returned to normal after the end of the work. Rail System will continue its operations between Düvenönü-OSB as before.

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