Tramway Route of Izmit Distressed

Izmitin Tram Route Troubled: Republican People's Party (CHP) Provincial Chairman Cihat Altunyuva and Metropolitan Municipal Council CHP Group Deputy Chairman Av. Hüseyin Yılmaz met with press members.

CHP Provincial Chairman Cihat Altunyuva and Metropolitan City Council CHP Group Vice President Av. Huseyin Yilmaz made a press release in the provincial building. In the statement, they presented their opinions, reservations and suggestions about the tram route line. Metropolitan Municipality Council members Nihat Değer, Zafer Şimşek and Orhan Tanış were also present.

Cihat Altunyuva, Chairman of the CHP, said that they started a busy week. Metropolitan Municipality Council CHP Group Deputy Chairman Av. Hüseyin Yilmaz will make. H Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu 10 deputy 65 evaluating the vote of the target, Altunyuva, too far, this goal is not realistic. They see the collapse of the AKP themselves. That target is the expression of panic. Those who murder Kocaelispor shame, wearing a scarf on their necks. Prime Minister hermit knows the number of deputies in Kocaeli 10, so it may have called 10 in he said.

CHP as a public transport and therefore they are in favor of tram transportation Metropolitan City Council CHP Deputy Chairman Deputy Chairman of the Av. Hüseyin Yılmaz said, oy We expressed our opinion and decision on this issue by voting in the parliament by voting for the share of the budget allocated for the tram project. But we have to state our reservations and suggestions about the tram route in the name of the future of this city. The reservations and suggestions prepared by experts after long efforts cannot be ignored. Uzun

Yılmaz conveys his suggestions and reservations about the route, tan What will happen in urban transportation with the passing of the tram line through this route. 7 units station along the route 11 km the stop time of the stop of the tram at these stations taking into account the duration of travel time will change according to the rate? The light rail system passes through the Şehabettin Bilgisu Street, one of the narrowest and most heavily used axles of the city. In this section, the tramway, along with the parking lot, other vehicle and pedestrian traffic with the tram line, the logistics needs of the trades must be examined in detail and must be solved. The relationship between tram line and pedestrian traffic should be examined and measures should be taken. If the light rail system continues along the old railway route axis, a transportation from Seka to the Beach Road and from the Yahyakaptan to Kartepe city center can be provided sistem.

Referring to the regions where the route is distressed in terms of turnover, Yilmaz said, Kış Return from Salkim Sogut Street to Yellow Mimoza Street, return from Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard to East Barracks, Martyr Rafet from Karacan Street to East Barracks, Martyr Rafet from Karacan Street to Hafiz Major Street, from the route on D100 Hafiz Major Return to the street, customs from street Street to Şehabettin Bilgisu Street. Depending on the technical characteristics of the vehicle type to be selected in this segment, the minimum turning radius must be ensured, Bu he said.

Pointing to the importance of the signaling system, Yilmaz said, en A signaling system should be established that will minimize the travel time of the tram as well as the problem of flow of other vehicle traffic. Will the 10 40 240 passenger trolleys with a capacity of 2 be enough to carry this passenger capacity? The vehicles to be purchased must be in the system close to the ground and disabled citizens should be able to use the tram easily. The tramway project should be planned to be integrated into future transportation systems. Gulf-Izmit and Otogar-Alikahya Stadium-Cengiz Topel Airport routes are necessarily 3. And XNUMX. It should be considered as a stage Etap. CHP as the city and this city is aware of our responsibility towards the future Yilmaz said, "CHP, not as destructive, on the contrary, constructive and I want to indicate that we offer solutions," he said.

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