Samulaş Park and launch the project to the tram to a thousand thousand projects

Park the Samulaş Vehicle launched the cheap tram project: Samulaş, the transportation company of Samsun, which wants to both relax the traffic and spread the use of public transportation, has launched the 'park-continue' project.
Samkart owner drivers who park their vehicles at the Tekel Parking Lot in Cumhuriyet Square will receive a 50 percent discount when they get on the tram or express bus. According to the statement made by the General Directorate of Samulaş, a new convenience comes to the citizens who pull the multi-storey car parks built in the area where the old monopoly buildings are located in Cumhuriyet Square. In the Tekel Parking Lot, which is the cheapest indoor car park in Samsun, Samkart owners will be able to benefit from public transportation at a 50 percent discount if they transfer to express bus or tram lines within one hour after leaving their vehicles here. Thus, for example, a citizen who has a job in Atakum district will leave his car in the parking lot and will be largely saved from fuel costs and parking problems.
English 'park and ride' he named and that the application contained many examples in western countries, Samulaş officials stated that they will perform one of the first applications in Turkey, aims "to promote public transport by reducing the use of private cars." He said that. The implementation will start on Monday, January 20.

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