Izmir has no highway access

Izmir no-way road transportation: Izmir-Manisa Sabuncubeli due to snow lost due to the locals who were lost due to snow. While the mountains around the city turned white, the Sabuncubeli location between the Izmir-Istanbul highway and Manisa was closed because of the missing trainers.
In Izmir, the air temperature fell to zero at night, and in the morning, snow began to be high in the city. The mountains around Izmir were white, while the city center was not snowing.
Traffic teams with highways teams in the early morning from the Manisa exit Sabuncubeli direction in the direction of Turgutlu Belkahve took measures.
However, as always, truck accidents could not be prevented. The two trucks in Sabuncubeli, which are curved and curved between Bornova and Manisa, slipped due to snow. For this reason, Sabuncubeli road which provides transportation of Izmir to Istanbul via Manisa was closed to traffic. The vehicles were stopped at Bornova exit and they were directed to Manisa via Belkahve-Turgutlu. Teams are still working on opening the way.

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