The Railway Fact of the Eastern Black Sea Region

East Black Sea Railway Route Statement from Bayburt TSO
East Black Sea Railway Route Statement from Bayburt TSO

Besides the land, sea and air transportation, the most important and even most attractive type of transportation is the railway. In fact, it should be noted; Perhaps the most important for places far from the sea. Railways are of great importance in almost all countries in both peace and war time. In times of peace they are very important in economic and social terms, they provide cheap and safe transportation, they are environmentalists. In times of war, military supplies are the best means of transport to the regions of need.

The first railway line built in Anatolia was the 23 km İzmir-Aydın line on September 1856, 130. This line was completed in 10, during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz, with a 1866-year work.

Railways from past to present; It has more strategic importance especially in terms of port and airport. Considering that 90% of the world trade is made by seaway, it will be seen that the most important common factor in the most advanced countries in trade is the ports of the countries and their rail connections. It is a well-known fact that ports with railway connections attract the attraction of world trade.

As in the world, the developed cities in the coastal strip in our country have grown rapidly because of the coexistence of the port and the railroad and the combination of both. The role of cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Iskenderun, Mersin, Samsun at the present development level at the same time with railway and port should never be forgotten.

When we look at the coastline of the Eastern Black Sea, unfortunately there is no other city between Samsun and Batumi where the airport, port and railway are located together. Although this is the case, we have another province that has the potential to have these characteristics. This province is Trabzon. Trabzon is a province that has the feature of being the lifeblood of the region's trade area. Trabzon, which has a developed port with an international airport, does not yet have a railway.

However, the connection of Trabzon to Erzincan and therefore to the whole world by rail is a very old dream.

When we scrutinize the pages of history, the words of the governor of Trabzon, Vezir Muhlis Esat Pasha, who was the governor of Trabzon at the time, said, “Let the railroad pass through my back” is very meaningful.

Another step regarding the construction of the railway to Trabzon is the M Law (1341 / 1340) Proposal (2 / 330) Hakkında on the Enforcement of the Discovery and Issue of Trabzon Erzurum Railway and Trabzon Port in the Envelope of the 1925 Year “ (XNUMX).

When the rationale of the Law Proposal is examined, it is seen that the following points are specifically mentioned in the justification:

In the eastern provinces, sheep, sheep and fleece transportation is a serious problem as cattle and ovine livestock are concentrated.

The soil of the eastern provinces is very fertile. In these provinces with high altitude, fruit can be grown and exported in a good amount of potatoes, beets, diamonds, turnips, carrots and similar products.

Beet production can be increased and transported to Bayburt by means of Trabzon-Erzincan railway and operated in large sugar factories to be established here. In this way, beet production will increase the welfare level of the people.

In addition, this will provide a very advantageous logistics and transportation opportunity for our sugar policies.

There are plenty of mines in the eastern provinces. They can be transported and operated in the most economical and convenient way by rail.

It is understood that there are oil resources in the eastern provinces. Even the exploitation of these oil resources is sufficient reason for railway transportation.

Lignite is also present in many eastern provinces. If the railway is constructed, the production of the lignite mine and its transportation to the places with fuel problems will also be provided.

If the transportation problem is solved in the eastern provinces, cereal production can be increased.

Trabzon port and the mentioned railway are also very important for Iran import and export. Transport to the north of Iran can also be done in this way.

Once the reasons for the proposal have been counted as such

All these are the issues that will occur immediately with the construction of the railway…

With the facilities and facilities to be provided after the railway is built, it should be noted that industrial establishments such as limestone factories, tanneries and art institutions to be established in the center of these long winter provinces should not be ignored.

The purpose of the proposal was highlighted by emphasizing that Trabzon and Erzurum and the railroads should be built for Trabzon port and all these counties and the welfare of the people there.

As can be seen, economic and commercial reasons come to the forefront in the rationale of the proposal. Likewise, it is stated that it would be much more economical to reach Trabzon Port by rail in the marketing of mines existing in Eastern Anatolia and agricultural and agricultural products in this region. It is also stated that it will be a safe alternative transportation method for the passengers in terms of tourism.

This Law Proposal, 6 Ramadan 1342 and 10 dated April 1349 and numbered 476 Law and "Trabzon Erzurum Railway and Trabzon Port Discovery and Issue in the 1340 Year Envelope with the name of the Law" was enacted.

It was proposed by law to build a railway from Trabzon to Erzurum. The deputies of the provinces such as Erzincan, Erzurum, Agri, Ordu, Gumushane, Giresun, Diyarbakir, Nigde and Mersin have also signed this law proposal given by the Trabzon Deputies, Ahmet Muhtar and his colleagues, indicating how important this project was at that time.

When we look after the War of Independence, we see that a modern port and railway connection to Trabzon is also the ideal of Atatürk. Such that; Atatürk explained this ideal when he came to Trabzon in 1924:

“To see our Trabzon in a short period of time is equipped with a shimendifer and equipped with a beautiful dock and harbor. Uh

With the Law on the Repeal of Laws 27 / 10 / 1988 dated and numbered 3488 which are not applicable, “As the Law of 1924 is used for the discovery and determination of the route of the railways to be built within the year, the possibility of implementation has not been abolished. .

As can be seen, our country has not been developed yet, especially in the period when the war came out of the new thought, moreover, despite the will of Ataturk, the relevant law was abolished and unfortunately the dream of railroad Trabzon still unfulfilled.

Although the Trabzon-Erzurum-Erzincan and Diyarbakır railway feasibility studies were carried out by the DLH General Directorate of the Ministry of Transport in 1925, after almost 70 years after the aforementioned Law proposal was submitted, the studies did not yield positive results. However, with the help of the rapid developments in the railways sector, the experiences gained from the High Speed ​​Train applications implemented between some of our provinces, and finally, with the help of the dizzying developments and new technologies in the construction sector, it is certain that this great project will cost even more cheaper.

This railway will not only play an important role in the development of Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia but also in the development of Southeastern Anatolia. Especially considering the fact that Trabzon Port is an important export gate from the GAP region, which is supposed to produce 50 million tons of grain in the future, it is obvious how important this railway is to be built for our country.

What I especially want to say here is; what we have to do in this regard is to work hard to bring this project, which is the will of Atatürk, to life as soon as possible, as in the proposed law.

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