Bursaray Lodosta Stopped, Citizen Headed to Minibuses

Bursaray Lodosta Stopped, Citizen Headed to Minibus: Gürsu Chamber of Minibus Chamber President Recep Kaya, the lodosta light rail system, effective in Bursa, said bankruptcy.

Kaya, as minibuses in the center of the city to be removed from the mistake of being better understood said.

President Kaya, Gürsu-Kestel line that provides transportation to the east side of the city, said that they had made attempts about the difficulties experienced by minibus tradesmen and said, in It was informed that the activation of the East Garage will be removed. At the UKOME meeting in January, the area adjacent to the BESOB car park, which they rented for the stop location of the Gürsu and Kestel minibuses, was rejected. When we asked the reason, it was said that the Metropolitan Municipality would find a more suitable place. Despite the difficulties of all kinds of minibuses serving, the city's eastern garage direction of the importance of the line, this environmental disaster is even more understood, Her he said.

President Kaya said that he experienced great problems in transportation due to the damage of the metro lines with the lodos experienced. In The reliability of the rail systems should be questioned once more. Anyone who does not want, would not accept, environmental disaster, wounded hundreds of lives, 3 fired fire to the furnace. The light rail system went bankrupt and the passengers turned to alternative means of transport. We say that the withdrawal of minibuses from the city for months will cause a blow to the transportation problems. While the volume of passenger circulation in Bursa is more than a floor and a floor higher than other metropolitan cities, it has been understood once again that these minibuses are indispensable. Bursa

Also added that the contribution of minibuses to employment Kaya, at least two drivers in a minibus took home the bread passed.

In the back of the minibus is intended to be shown as a hump on the rock, said: Dık We, as minibuses, carried our passengers safely until today in all kinds of weather conditions without any accidents. We made a remedy by sending 15 minibus to the transportation problems of our citizens in Dışkaya TOKİ. We're sorry about the decision of UKOME. I hope that we will not be removed from the city's transportation point by evaluating our demands. Uy


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