Comfort and Comfort Applications in Antalya

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has put its signature on the transportation projects that direct the future of Antalya, is implementing new applications to enable the citizens to travel comfortably and comfortably in public transportation.

The metropolitan municipality brings radical solutions to ensure that the public transport services are safe, fast, comfortable and uninterrupted. Taking advantage of the technology to reach the goal of the Smart City Metropolitan Municipality, to facilitate the lives of people with the contactless card application provides great convenience to the citizen.

Technological innovations

Contactless credit card payment method launched in 2016 is now used in all public transportation vehicles. The credit card payment application was added to the contactless payment system applied in all means of transportation. The technological innovations such as using public transportation, online loading, tracking the arrival times of the vehicles coming to the station and mobile application with the contactless cards applied by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. continue.

Cool journey in nostalgic tram

3 will offer a permanent and modern solution for transportation to Antalya. While continuing the Stage Rail System Project, air conditioner was installed on the current nostalgia tram and passengers were offered a comfortable and comfortable travel service. For the 18 years, the Antalya Museum - Zerdalilik has been working on the non-air-conditioned nostalgia trolley cars. A intensive R & D study was carried out and the electrical energy power systems of the vehicles were revised and the air conditioner installations were completed by converting them into compatible air conditioner operation.

Passenger handles on tram increased

In order to enable the passengers to travel more safely in the first stage light rail trams, according to the requests and complaints received from the Transportation Call Center, Antalya Transportation A.Ş. The technical work carried out by the company increased the number of handle pipes and hangers.

Easy access to the weaving stop

On the other hand, in the weaving line-2 stop, there was an entry / exit turnstile in the North (Fatih side) direction. Passengers wishing to enter the station from this point had to pass through an uncontrolled passage through the rails. For this reason, in order to make the entrance / exit of the stop in the south direction, a suitable pedestrian crossing was produced by working in coordination with Metropolitan Municipality UKOME and Department of Science. Antalya Transportation Inc. additional input / output devices were installed by the passengers to allow easy access to the stop.

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