Arsuz paved with asphalt

📩 24/12/2018 17:00

Arsuz is equipped with asphalt: Arsuz Mayor Nazım Culha, who produces important projects in terms of development and development of Arsuz and devotes a great effort to realize these projects, continues his works in order to make the village roads that are newly joined to the district boundaries compatible with Arsuz.
Nazım Culha, who examined the work on the road connecting Konacik and Arsuz center to the completion of the first stage hot asphalt pavement of 27 thousand tons realized in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality of Hatay; he gave good news.
Nazım Culha stated that the asphalt works had been relieved by the traffic flow in Arsuz and said Naz We have come to the end of the hot asphalt pavement starting in Konacık and planned to come to Arsuz center. As of today, the beginning and end points between Konacik and Arsuz are also paved. Höyük, Arpagedik, Avcılarsuyu and Haymaseki neighborhoods were connected with the main road connection points.
In some points on these routes, asphalt works were continued due to the working of grilles and retaining walls in order to prevent floods. Following the completion of these works, the return will be paved and all roads will be equipped with asphalt. Our target; 2. stage asphalt with asphalt tend to transfer to other neighborhoods and continue to work on the road, "he said.
As part of the asphalt patch and repair work spread across the district, the teams continued to work in the Üçgüllük, Karaağaç-Konarlı and Çengen Neighborhoods.

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