Asphalt dealers

The gallery site was paved: Asphalt team of Aksaray Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continues its asphalt works in Galericiler Sitesi.
The Mayor of Aksaray Haluk Şahin Yazgı visited Galericiler Sitesi to discuss the ongoing asphalt works on site and met with the tradesmen. President Yazgı, the asphalt on the site have received a great deal of the request and the work of the Galericiler Sitesi 's biggest lack of this work is resolved.
Before going to the Galericiler Site before the election to meet with the tradesmen and the demands and demands of the President who listened to President Fate, the trades have fulfilled what he wanted. The work started in the last week of the main road in the site and connected to the secondary roads asphalting began work President Yazgı, examined the ongoing work on site.
President Haluk Şahin Yazgı said, ada We are currently on the site of the dealers. We had the opportunity to examine our asphalt works on the spot. We're making our grids before the asphalt is thrown. When it is raining, an infrastructure work is completed to remove the waters. We are throwing our asphalt on it. When we came here during the election period, one of the biggest problems was unpaved roads. Now we have started our asphalt works as one of the contributions we will make to our brothers and sisters. In the meantime, Galericiler Sitesi Association Chairman Veli Özkaraca Bey and valuable members of the board of directors are here. We will continue to cooperate and unite in order to advance our Aksaray and to achieve better works. Our paving study is likely to be completed until the day 4-5. All of us get better. hep



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