5 intersection to Ankara-Konya highway

5 intersection will be made to Ankara-Konya highway: General Directorate of Highways will have 5 junction in Ankara-Konya highway Gölbaşı site.
A meeting was held where the problems and solutions related to the Ankara-Konya highway were organized in the district governorate building headed by Gölbaşı Governor Şahin Aslan. Meeting, Highways 4. Regional Directorate, Gölbaşı Municipality, gendarmerie, security and non-governmental organizations participated.
At the meeting, the problems related to the Ankara-Konya highway, where the loss of life and property was frequently experienced, were determined and the information related to the solution was exchanged.
The efforts to strengthen inter-institutional relations and to quickly remove bureaucratic obstacles were discussed. In order to reduce the factors causing accidents, the publicity of the 5 intersection will be made at Gölbaşı site by the Regional Directorate of Highways. It is planned to increase road safety with the intersection and intersection arrangements to be made on the center, Karaoğlan, Oğulbey, Bala and Ahiboz lines.
Sahin Aslan Lake District Governor, AA correspondent, said at the end of the meetings to minimize the issues of interest to Golbasi and Golbasi, "Konya road should not become a factor that makes life easier for our citizens, but should become an element," he said.
Aslan stated that they had a meeting to speed up the flow of traffic in Gölbaşı and to arrange arrangements to protect the security of life and property of citizens. Aslan A meeting was held about the problems related to the highways in Gölbaşı and the coordination and solution of this. For us in the first place the most glorious news, Konya on the way to the center of the Ahiboz, Karaoğlan, Oğulbey, Bala line of the intersection work involving the Regional Directorate of Highways, the signing of contracts in a very short period of time and will be the realization of the statement said.


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