State support will boost rail system investments

State support will increase rail investments: The sector welcomed the decision of the Council of Ministers, which envisaged the completion of projects completed by local administrations by the Ministry of Transport.

RAYDER Chairman Taha Aydın, who evaluated the decision of the Council of Ministers published on the rail systems, said that the sector found the decision positive, and that the sector would come alive with the increase of investments. Aydin, on the other hand, by the municipalities 25-30 year-long repayments will be completed in the 5-10 year, he noted.

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers on the Amendment of the Decree on the Takeover of the Urban Rail Transportation Systems, Metros and Related Facilities Following the Completion and the Transfer of the Conditions Regarding the Completion of the Transport was published in the Official Gazette the previous day. With this arrangement, the transferor will transfer all the gross revenues from the transferred project to the bank accounts determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury until the date of the project costs met by the central government budget.

Rail Transport Systems Association (RAYDER) President Taha Aydın, evaluated the decision. Reminding that a similar application was made in some provinces such as Izmir, Aydın said, benzer This time the payment point was changed. The state undertakes the infrastructure in projects that it finds difficult or necessary. However, the municipality started to buy and operate the municipality, and the ministry received 15 of the municipalities' gross revenues from the project until the infrastructure investment debts of the project were paid. With the amendment, the whole of the gross income obtained here will be taken by the ministry. This is the goal of municipalities to end the 25-30 year-end repayments in 5 or 10 years. Bu

Den It should have been called gross profit instead of gross income “

Emphasizing that many municipalities across Turkey have projects related to rail systems, but they do not have the opportunity to make expensive investments because their income is limited, Taha Aydın said, “Only if it was gross profit instead of gross income, it would be more understandable. Municipalities; It will deduct fixed monthly expenses such as taxes, electricity, personnel expenses, operating and maintenance expenses from its monthly turnover and give the remaining amount to the state. This is a sensible approach. When the gross income is mentioned, there is a perception that the total income obtained is given to the state. There is no such situation. The decision will not impose a burden on municipalities. We think that it was issued in order to both encourage and support municipalities that have no power. positive for the industry. Revitalizing and accelerating the sector kazanIt is a decision that is encouraging and increasing investments. We wholeheartedly support him,” he said.

Rail systems pays 6,5 times faster

He added that the substructure investments such as tramways can be made more easily, but the metro works in the cities such as Ankara and Istanbul are costly investments. RAYDER Chairman Aydın pointed out that the project of each municipality will not be accepted. However, he underlined that the transfer of the investments requires the decision of the Council of Ministers. Taha Aydın underlined the fact that 6.5 floor difference is the difference between road and rail transportation, including electricity and operating costs.

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