Ankara at the subway

On the subway in Ankara, the leader of the Izmir attack: The 2020 billion euros (10 billion dollars) investment in 12 in Istanbul, the importance of the rail system aimed to invest once showed itself in the last snowfall.

Marmaray and Metrobus and other public transportation services, which reached to the people of Istanbul on the rainy days that paralyzed transportation, contributed to the problem to be overcome. Istanbul's investment budget, 55-60 spent on transportation investments, Metropolitan Municipality, Kadir Topbas'ın third and last period 'everywhere metro, anywhere' subway 'work with the slogan step-by-step implementation of the rail system investments speed in Ankara and Izmir does not cut it.

50 Semte Metro in Ankara

Metro investments that started years ago in Ankara do not slow down. In order to provide fast access to many points of the city, the work that was initiated in 1996 has covered a big way. The number of stations in the capital where there are 4 main metro lines will reach almost 50 points with the projected projects.

-Ankaray and Emek, Bahçelievler, Beşevler, Tandoğan, Maltepe, Demirtepe, Kızılay, College, Kurtuluş and Dikimevine are reached.

- The second metro line of Ankara, M1, is run between Kızılay and Batıkent. The value of residences and workplaces around Kızılay, Sıhhıye, Ulus, Atatürk Cultural Center, Akköprü, İvedik, Yenimahalle, Demetevler, Hospital, Macunköy, OSTİM and Batıkent stations has increased at least 1997 times since 10.

- The 2014-kilometer Ankara Metro 16.5, which was put into service in 2, runs between Kızılay-Koru stations. Real estates on the metro route, where Kızılay, Necatibey, National Library, Söğütözü, MTA, ODTÜ, Bilkent, Village Services, Beytepe, Ümitköy, Çayyolu and Koru stations are located, value faster than other districts. kazanwas.

The 2014 km M15.3 line, which was commissioned in 3, consists of Batıkent, West Center, MESA, Botany, Istanbul Road, Eryaman 1-2, Eryaman 5, Devlet Mah.
Finally, after the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications undertook the construction of the new metro line, good news came for the line that will serve between Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) and Kızılay. According to the statement made by Minister Lütfi Elvan, the three-station line, which is designed to be completely underground, consists of Atatürk Cultural Center - Gar - Kızılay stations.

The Last Favor of İzmir Narlıdere

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided to go on the tender for Üçkuyular-Narlıdere Metro Line in the first days of this year. Üçkuyular Narlıdere metro line will consist of Balçova lar Çağdaş -Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty Hospital -General Arts Faculty and Narlıdere stops. In the second phase of the project, the line will extend to the Narlıdere Correctional Regiment. 5 underground stations will be built on this route.

New projects on the Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe and Urla axis make the investors laugh. Bornova County's proximity to the ring road connections, light rail metro axis and two large universities in Bornova County is the reason that triggered the increase in the value of housing.

New Projects in Izmir

Most of the projects to be built on the metro route in Izmir counts the days. Here are the brand companies and projects that will be exhibited in Izmir projects:
Rönesans and Doğuş Holding: A hotel, residence, office and commercial facility will be built on an area of ​​21 thousand square meters adjacent to Turan Train Station with an investment value of 670 million liras.
Rönesans and Tekfen Holding: An office, shopping center and a housing project with an investment value of 200 million lira will be built on a 345 thousand square meter land adjacent to the courthouse.
Folkart Yapı: It will sign a mixed project in Halkapınar that will include residences, shops and offices.

IZKA Construction: In the second half of the year, 6.600 will be building a mixed-use project with a budget of 200 million square meters and residences, offices and stores on the square next to Salhane Metro Station.

Suryapı: It is preparing to sign the Izmir Marina Park project, which will include marina, shopping mall, residence, hotels and offices, with an investment of 121 million liras, on the old Turyağ factory land of 610 thousand square meters in Turan. Sur Yapı Chairman of the Board of Directors Altan Elmas stated that the construction activities are continuing in 4 housing projects in the European and Anatolian sides in Istanbul, "We are working on 4 urban transformation projects in Istanbul and abroad. We are planning to add two new projects, namely Istanbul and Izmir, to our 4 existing projects on shopping malls. ''

Avcılar Construction: BayraklıThe project, which will be built on Soyer Factory land with an investment budget of 50 million dollars, will include residences, offices and shopping malls. The company is also working on new residential and office projects in the Courthouse district. In its 25th year, the group aims to be the center of attention of all Izmir residents with Cadde Terrace, Avcilar Office, Avcilar Suites, Avcilar Prestige, Avcilar Residence, Avcilar Life, Avcilar Tower projects.

Tariş Pamuk - TOKİ: A mixed project that will include residential, office, shopping mall, hotel and social facilities with an investment of 86 million liras on an area of ​​300 thousand square meters in Ege Mahallesi.

Sabancı Holding: It is expected to take a concrete step regarding the idea of ​​building a new shopping center with an investment of 100 million pounds on the plot of Piyale Factory.
Türker Construction: A project will be built on the land of Old Tekel Factory with the investment budget of 500 million pounds, including hotels, residences, offices and commercial areas.
Megapol İnşaat: It will carry out a commercial project on an area of ​​28 thousand square meters in Halkapınar.

Alaçatı Gayrimenkul: The company where Egesel İnşaat and Tanyer İnşaat and Rıza Akça are partners Bayraklıwill produce a residential project.
Demir İnşaat: With a project of 450 apartments in Gaziemir, Izmir, 350 will sign an urban transformation project.

New Resolution from the Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers made a change in the regulation on “urban rail transport system projects” and transferred the construction of the rail system projects in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya to the Ministry of Transport. With the decision, the Yenikapı-İncirli metro line in Istanbul, AKM-Gar-Kızılay metro line in Ankara and Meydan Airport-EXPO rail system line in Antalya were transferred to the Ministry of Transport.

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