Adana Scrapped Wagons Burned

Adana Scrapped Wagons Burned: A fire broke out in Adana during the dismantling of the wagons that were scrapped due to their end of life. The possibility that the wagons were 'deliberately burned' is emphasized.

The wagons, which have served in railway transportation for many years, have been scrapped as their service life has expired. The wooden wagons pulled in the Machine Maintenance and Supply Workshop at Adana Station were dismantled to evaluate the metal parts. During the works, a fire suddenly broke out in the wagons, and the citizens informed the fire brigade while the workers were watching the fire instead of extinguishing the flames.

The firefighters who came to the scene extinguished the wagons whose metal parts were completely burned. Claiming that the fire started from the sparks from the welding machine, the workers said, “These wagons were scrapped. We were trying to dismantle the wooden parts and remove the metal parts, the sparks jumped and started to burn. There was a fire before, ”he said.

Following the fire extinguishing the fire brigade teams, intensified burning of the wagons.

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