Meydan ılaAirport- Expo Rail Line System to be constructed by the Ministry

Square - Airport - Expo Rail System Line to be Made by the Ministry: Speaking at the AK Party Antalya 5th Ordinary Provincial Congress, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism Lütfi Elvan pointed out that 12 quadrillion 3 billion TL has been invested in Antalya in the last 100 years, " “Our Antalya will continue to develop especially in the field of transportation”.
Better already
Antalya is the fastest train project for the project now transferring the Minister Elvan, 'from Antalya to Konya, from Konya to Aksaray, from Aksaray to Nevsehir, Nevsehir to Kayseri. This month we will do the tender for the implementation project and at the end of 2015 we will hit the dig and start the construction of the railway. I already say goodbye auspicious uğ. Elvan, Antalya, Eskişehir, Antalya and Bursa and Istanbul to connect the project on the high speed train line is also completed, said: "God willing, 2023 year in the coming years, we will start the construction of this project," he said.
We will train '2016' in cooperation
Elvan said acAirport-Expo 2016 Rail System Line is very important for Antalya, önemli Minister Elvan said, ın We will make the infrastructure of this line as the Ministry of Transport. Metropolitan sets of train sets and stations. In cooperation with the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, our Ministry of Transport will realize this project and we will develop this project in 2016 year. Passengers arriving at the airport will now have the opportunity to come directly to the city center by tram line. Artık
End of traffic light problem
Lütfi Elvan who conveyed that they have important projects on the highway, stated that they will connect Antalya to Alanya by highway and stated that they will leave the project in 2015. Elvan, 'A brother who departs from Antalya faces a traffic light in a few km. You will no longer have to face those problems. With the build-operate-transfer model, we will be in the tender for the Antalya-Alanya highway in 2015 Yap.
Before 2023
Talking about the highway project that connects Antalya to Izmir, Elvan said, “This project is a project we will realize in the 2023 year perspective. We will not be able to leave the tender for this project in 2015 but in the coming years we will build the construction of the highway project connecting Antalya to İzmir before 2023 X.
50 km to Mersin
Elvan, indicating that there is an 23 tunnel on the line connecting Antalya-Alanya and Gazipaşa to Mersin, announced that a significant portion of these tunnels have been completed and that there is a distance of 50 km. In 2016 Minister Elvan, who will complete this 50 km section together with the tunnels, said, 'We will meet Antalya with Mersin'.
No nails have been nailed since '1950'
Elvan said that another important project was the line extending from Kumluca to Finike, from Finike to Kaş and to Kalkan, where the project work was about to be completed, and that this route would be a divided road. Elmalı-Kalkan and Elmalı Kaş also added that they will do the Road Transport Minister Elvan, '1950'li nails since the road will be rebuilt from beginning to end,' he concluded his words.

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