3 new crossroads will be built in Urfa

3 new bridge intersections will be built in Urfa: The tender dates of the 3 bridge intersections planned to be built in Şanlıurfa have been determined. A tender will be held in March for the 3-bridge intersection to be built on the road to Mardin, Diyarbakır and Akçakale.
The tender dates of the crossroads planned for Mardin, Diyarbakır and Akçakale roads were determined. The first coordination meeting of the year, providing information about the projects of the Deputy Regional Director of the Highways Ahmet Sağlam, bridged intersections 3 and 9 March will go on the tender said. Sağlam did not give a clear date for the start dates of the projects.
2015 of 1. Provincial Coordination Meeting of the Regional Directorate of Highways is in progress 29 project that transfers the robust, the cost of these projects 1 billion 893 million 689 thousand pounds, he said. After the announcement, the members of the board in the hall conveyed their demands to the Regional Directorate of Highways.

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