Trial Tunnel Transition started in Konak Tunnels

Trial Vehicle Transition Has Started in Konak Tunnels: Excavations have been completed in one of the twin tube shaped Konak tunnels, the construction of which was started 2.5 years ago, to reduce the traffic coming from İzmir, Yeşildere and Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard and concentrated in Konak. Construction machines started to make trial transitions from one end of the tunnel to another. In the other part of the tunnel, it was learned that less than 100 meters of excavation area remained and the tunnel could be opened to traffic in May.
The Konak Tunnels project was carried out to solve this problem of Alsancak, Basmane and Çankaya districts, which are the busiest cities of the city. Since one is going to be used as the arrival, 1674 began in the 2012 to the construction of meters long Mansion tunnels. The cost of the construction of the tunnels will be announced as 170 million pounds, while landscaping, expropriation and road links will cost 220 million pounds in total.
During the 2.5 years of work, the project has been faced by both environmentalists and urban scientists. The inhabitants of Damlacık were also struggling not to leave their expropriated homes. In the meantime, the historical artifacts obtained during the excavations were moved to other areas after the negotiations with the museum directorate.
Among all these discussions, the most important step was taken by the teams. When entered by the mansion, the last tube in the left section of the tunnel was placed upon completion of the excavations. The excavation of the 1674 meter is finished. One end of the tunnel from the other end of the construction machines belonging to the highway passes learned learned. The excavation was completed, the road section of the tunnel also emerged, but the road was not started construction of the road, was announced. In the left section of the tunnel, excavation works in this section where less than 100 meters were left, was stated by the authorities of the Highways.
On the one hand excavation works continued in the tunnels, on the other hand, concrete coating, ventilation, lighting and closed-circuit television camera systems are continuing the installation process. Authorities of the Regional Directorate of Highways, after the excavation of tunnels, including other parts of the road construction processes will be completed by May, announced that this month will start the vehicle transition.
During the excavations carried out using the Austrian Method, approximately 30 thousand cubic meters of concrete and shotcrete as well as more than 85 thousand tons of steel and iron were used in the tunnel where 6 thousand truck materials were transported. When the vehicles, which create a significant density in the city center, come from Yeşildere road and Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, they will pass through the tunnels without entering these regions where there is congestion. The vehicles coming from the coastal boulevard will have direct access to the airport, Buca, Bornova, bus terminal area, and those coming from Yeşildere road will have direct access to the Güzelyalı Balçova fountain area.
Meanwhile, it was learned that the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, will pass through the tunnel, whose excavation work has been completed and the light at the other end is visible. It was announced that Minister Elvan, who will come to İzmir with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on Saturday, will go from one end of the tunnel to the other part and make examinations. Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, 2nd Regional Director of Highways, said that they are now at the point of completing the works, they have finished the difficult and switched to the coke.
Uraloğlu, 2nd Regional Director of Highways, also announced that three historic houses in the upper part of the tunnel will be restored. Uraloğlu said, “We had meetings with the Culture Directorate, and after completing the restoration of these buildings, we will bring them to tourism. Again in this area, we will ensure that citizens move to houses that are not expropriated but emptied for precautionary measures during construction. There are expropriated buildings. We will complete their demolition work, ”he said.



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