Flood Water Destroyed Pedestrian Bridge in Kadirli

Flood Water Destroyed Pedestrian Bridge in Kadirli: Savrun River overflowed due to heavy rains in the Kadirli district of Osmaniye for about 1 weeks. The Erdal Vahapoğlu pedestrian bridge over the Savrun stream collapsed due to flood waters.
The rainfall caused flooding in some houses and offices in Kadirli, while the Savrun creek over the district center was overflowed. The Erdal Vahapoğlu pedestrian bridge, built on the Savrun creek, collapsed as it could not withstand the flood waters. As a result of the collapse of the bridge by chance, there were no dead or injured. In a part of the highway in the Şehit Halis Şişman Quarter, where the Savrun stream flows, a collapse occurred due to flood waters.
Police teams blocked the road traffic. Municipal teams often made public announcements about floods and floods. On the other hand, Kadirli city center exit Kadirli-Andırın highway 4. kilometer of the road crash occurred. Highways 5. Regional Directorate teams took measures on the road to collapse.
It was learned that the road was open to traffic as a single lane

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:37

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