The Caspian Sea will be the juice of the shipping industry

The Caspian Sea will be the “life water” for the transportation sector: The sector, which has turned its eyes on alternative routes for transportation to the Turkish republics after the troubles experienced with Iran, headed towards the Caspian Sea.
The transportation sector, which has turned its eyes on alternative routes for transportation to the Turkish republics after the problems experienced with Iran, aims to transport 2 thousand vehicles from the Caspian Sea, where 25 thousand vehicles pass annually, from Alat Harbor.
Fatih Şener, Chief Executive Officer of the International Freight Forwarders Association (UND), stated to the AA correspondent that 90% of the country's exports to the Turkish republics are through Iran, 5% through the Caspian Sea and the other 5% through Russia.
Sener, Iran's recent customs waiting on the route, due to the extra fuel fees paid in transit 2013 14 in the Turkish republics, the Iranian cars, leaving the car to the carriage, he said.
Stating that the situation significantly affected the costs, Şener said, “We had to pay 35 thousand dollars to Iranian cars in order to send an average of 8 thousand dollars of goods. This was not very feasible. We thought, 'Why should we not go further than the Caspian?' We went and made some investigations here. There are good investments there. Two port constructions are progressing rapidly in the Caspian Sea. ”
Sener stated that the freight costs of 8-9 thousand dollars due to the practices of Iran, some cheap products have no chance to go and Turkish exports are negatively affected.
Costs will fall
Labor costs and time of arrival in Iran on the voyage increased attention Sener, said.
“It is possible to reduce these with flights from the Caspian. If there is no waiting at the doors, they will be able to do the return arrival in 15 days. Transport is made by ro-ro in Caspian. There are also ferries. Unlike ro-ro, ferries carry both wagons and trucks. Azerbaijan is making a new port. The ferry-carrying part of the port is ready. There is Alat Port 80 kilometers without going to Baku. If they carry them by ferry, they will pick us up and leave them to the other party without waiting. If there is a vehicle on the return, it will take a car or a wagon. There are constant wagons there. For the Azeri side, we said to take us by ferry for now, not by ro-ro. Essentially this is possible. ”
"If this happens, the transportation costs of 9 thousand dollars will be below 6 thousand dollars." They will be able to go back in 20 days. We care about this issue very much. Azerbaijan also cares. Throughout history, the countries with which the road passes have been enriched. Azerbaijan wants to be one of these corridors. The crisis with Iran has highlighted this project. It is very important for our Azeri friends to realize this as soon as possible. ”
The target is 25 thousand passes from the Caspian
Sener stated that while the number of vehicles passing through the Caspian is around 150 per month, it has reached 3 with the incentives provided in the last 500 months.
Underlining that 500 thousand vehicles will pass annually if the monthly pass is 6, Şener said, “We want to spend 25 thousand vehicles annually from the Caspian. When the ferry capacity of Azerbaijan and the ro-ros purchased by Turkmenistan come into operation, the capacity in Caspian will reach 25-30 thousand. As long as there are the same problems when leaving Iranian customs, we will have to search. The most important option here is Caspian. It will shorten the time and reduce the costs, ”he said.
Toilets and faucets were exported to Kazakhstan by plane
20 percent of Turkey's exports to Kazakhstan that the plane made expressing Sener, air is an expensive means of transport, stressed the necessity to do due.
Sener, this country was sent to the toilet and faucet tap and said:
“He invested in Kazakhstan. The hotel was built. He feared paying too much money in Iran, and sent him by plane. On this route, we have to speed up transportation and make it economical. It is not a geographically remote route. It is pointless to wait for this problem to be solved on its own. Turkey to open the roads to be developed if the flow of exports to exports. As UND, we believed in the 2023 targets. For this, we are trying ways to facilitate exports. ”
Şener said that Turkish republics are countries that have serious import and projects and that they could double the export of 4-5 billion dollars with these countries, and that their export potentials are higher compared to the west.

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