District Governors Investigated the Gulf Crossing Bridge

District Governors Examined the Bay Crossing Bridge: Yalova Altınova District Governor Nurullah Kaya examined the Bay Crossing Bridge together with Karamürsel District Governor Ahmet Narinoğlu.
Bay Bridge, which is located between the Hersek Cape of Altınova District and will be the 4th largest suspension bridge in the world when it is completed, was examined by the district governors. Altinova District Governor Nurullah Kaya and Karamürsel District Governor Ahmet Narinoğlu and department chiefs attended the trip. The district governors, who examined the feet of the rapidly rising Gulf Passage Bridge in the middle of the sea, closely followed the bridge works. During the investigation, Ali Nebil Öztürk, Deputy General Manager of Otoyol A.Ş, informed the district governors about the works related to the bridge. Stating that they are following the bridge works closely, Altınova District Governor Nurullah Kaya stated that they made examinations on the last state of the bridge from time to time. Karamürsel district governor Ahmet Narinoğlu thanked Altınova district governor Kaya for inviting them to visit the bridge.


Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:59

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