Artistic Touch on Underpasses and Bridges and Empty Wall Surfaces in the Capital

artistic touch on empty wall surfaces with underpasses and bridges in the capital
artistic touch on empty wall surfaces with underpasses and bridges in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality pressed the button for drawing aesthetic, decorative and artistic works that are compatible with the environment on the underpasses and bridges and empty wall surfaces in the central and districts of the capital.

With the project implemented by the Department of Urban Aesthetics, underpasses, under bridges and empty gray concrete walls within the city; The artist began to find his life by being equipped with the patterns specific to Ankara, which came out of the painters' brushes.

First, Elmadağ Entrance Bridge underpass and Kenan Evren Boulevard underpass walls, painter Şenol Karakaya and his team has turned into a visual feast patterns.


Selami Aktepe, Head of City Aesthetics Department of Metropolitan Municipality, said that they meticulously carry out under and overpasses, sidewalks, railings, urban furniture and lighting works that require maintenance, repair and renovation all over the capital.

Stating that they have accelerated the efforts to beautify Ankara, Aktepe said, “We are trying to make the face of the constantly renewed and overhauled city befitting the capital. In this context, we started to implement a new project that includes graffiti works, especially landscape and portrait paintings, for the coloration of empty gray walls in the city center and districts. ”


Aktepe explained that the values ​​of the flora and fauna of the capital will be depicted primarily within the scope of the project and said:

“In addition to values ​​such as Anıtkabir, Ankara Castle, which symbolizes Ankara, the drawings of endemic species of plants and creatures such as Love Flower, Ankara Flower, Ankara Cat, Ankara Angora Goat and Ankara Güvercini will be drawn. In this way, we will protect the values ​​specific to our city and make them more known. ”


Ankara Çiğdemi, Ankara White Pigeon and Turkish Flag were painted on a flat concrete wall of 300 square meters in total, under Elmadağ Entrance Bridge and Kenan Evren Boulevard.

Under the coordination of painter Şenol Karakaya, the work of 7 painters lasted for 20 days. he said.

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