IZBAN 4,5 Passed 250 Million Passengers per Year

İZBAN 4,5 Year 250 Million Passenger Vehicles: Turkey's largest urban rail system in the train set İZBAN started to run on 30 August 2010, the station and the associated number of passengers fast while improving trains also ran across the road 4,5 years, 20 million kilometers.
IZBAN sets, the Aliaga-Cumaovası line as of this week around the world to travel around the full 500 times and the 20 million kilometers left the dam. 80 has traveled over 200 on the kilometer.
IZBAN, which rewarded the millionth passenger Elif Ozcicek at 200 in 2014, increased the number of passengers in the last seven months by 50 million. In the first year of its operation, İZBAN carried 2,5 million passengers, 2011 million in 40, 2012 million in 55, 2013 million in 65 and 2014 in 82. In January, the number of passengers exceeded 250 million. In this way, IZBAN became the sole owner of the public transport cake in Izmir.
İZBAN trains, which have the capacity to carry 2 thousand 250 passengers at each time, carried an average of one thousand 2014 passengers at one time in 240, and the number of passengers carried per kilometer was 18. İZBAN carried the most passengers in 2014 with 7 million 811 thousand 514 people in December. Halkapınar is the busiest station with 9,5 million people, while Şirinyer is the second with 8,1 million, Karşıyaka 5,6 was third with million, Çiğli was fourth with 4,3 million and Hilal was fifth with 4,2 million.
SET NUMBER Rises to 63
The number of sets increased to 63 with the start of the new sets of İZBAN, whose name was determined as the "Gulf Dolphin" by the votes of the people of Izmir. The operating process of the sets, which are still in production, will be completed this year and with the arrival of 20 more sets, the number will increase to 83. Simultaneously, 10 sets rented from TCDD will be sent back.




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