Action at metrobus stop

Action at the Metrobus stop: At the Haramidere metrobus stop, the passengers closed the metrobus route on the grounds that "all the metrobuses come full and the empty ones do not stop, so they wait for a vehicle for a long time."
A group of passengers at the metrobus stop in Haramidere, metrobus road to the transition by closing the action.
The passengers waiting at the Haramidere stop of the metrobus, on the grounds that "all the metrobuses come full and the empty ones do not stop, so they wait for a long time", and closed the metrobus road. The passengers first got down on the road and got in front of an empty metrobus running on the 34 BZ (Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu) line and asked the driver to open the doors.
The driver of the Metrobus talked to the citizens one by one and said that "he will stop at another stop and therefore he cannot open the doors". Some citizens then went to the passenger waiting area again. Despite all the insistence of the passengers, the doors of the metrobus were not opened. Thereupon, other citizens who took action also withdrew from the metrobus road.
The passengers did not come to the station for a while, the 34 5828 34 XNUMXC (Beylikdüzü-CevizliHe passed in front of another empty metrobus on the Bağ) line and stated that "they will not go off the road if the doors are not opened". As the passengers did not stay out of the way and insisted on him, the driver opened the door.
Ali Hero waiting to ride on the bus at the stop at the bus stop each morning to go to work at this stop metrobüse, especially this year, metamorphic and metamorphic metamobile all metrobüslerin full and said they could not ride.
Stating that very few empty metrobuses came to the station, Kahraman said, “There is a huge difference between last year and this year in terms of crowd. We are waiting for a long empty metrobus this year. Incoming metrobuses always come full. We cannot get on them in any way. Empty metrobuses do not stop. "I don't understand where these empty metrobuses are going, even though they see this crowd."
Another passenger named Taner Karacan noted that he used the metrobus every morning to go to the workplace in Zincirlikuyu and said, “Actually, it is a good service but it doesn't lift the crowd anymore. Sometimes dozens of metrobuses pass us. It gets really crowded. A different application can be used. For example, there were reports that the managers watched on the camera and sent an empty metrobus to the stops according to the passenger crowd last year. We can not see these practices this year at all ”.

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