Workers of Sabuncubeli Tunnels Cannot Receive Salaries

Sabuncubeli Tunnel Workers Can't Receive Their Salaries: CHP Manisa MP Özgür Özel made a proposal to the Turkish Parliament Presidency to be answered by Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Özel's question proposal is as follows; “The Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which will reduce the journey time between Manisa and Izmir to 15 minutes, has been under construction for many years and is said to be opened towards the end of 2016.
In the 2011, however, the foundation was laid down in 2013, and the project was planned to be completed in 2015, but the company that got the job started not working for a long time. The project has been extended to 2016 in recent months.
While the landslide on the Manisa end of the tunnel is shown as the cause of the delay of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, on the other hand, it is presented as the reason for the delay in which the project has been enlarged for the purpose of relieving the traffic and when the first projected, the tunnel with the length of 2 bin 800 is increased to the 4 bin 70 meter with the last arrangement.
In addition, it is said that the company that took the tender took the difficulty of payment and handed it over to another firm as subcontractor and it was said that 200 workers could not get it because this company did not pay. Workers who could not get their salaries for a month at 3 have also been in a more difficult situation due to the stop of work for 1 months.
In this context;
1. How much of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel has been completed so far?
2. The landslide occurring on the Manisa end of the tunnel is shown as the reason for delay of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel. In this context, the necessary feasibility studies and surveys were carried out regarding the Sabuncubeli Tunnel?
3. If so, what is the reason why no action has been taken against landslide and landslide and this is not foreseen in the project?
4. How much did the feasibility of the ground study and risks be made by the company?
5. What is the reason for increasing the length of the tunnel to 4 thousand meters?
6. With this change, how many months will the project be delayed and when will it be officially completed?
7. Is the construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel going on now? If not, what is the reason why construction does not continue?
8. What is the total number of workers working in the project?
9. Is it true that these workers have not been able to receive salaries for 3 months?
10. If so, what kind of savings will you have on the rights of workers who cannot afford their salaries?
11. What is the reason for the Sabuncubeli Tunnel Project, on the one hand, when the project is increased from 2 thousand meters to 4 thousand meters, on the other hand, there are problems such as construction stopping, workers not getting their wages? ”

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