Farmer to pass through highway with tractor

The Farmer Mehmet Varol was shocked by the penalty that was interrupted by showing the address of Istanbul-Ankara motorway although he did not leave the city.
With the 20 NN 757 plate tractor he owned, Mehmet Varol, who was a farmer and father of two children, who worked as a farmer in Dayılar Village, which was converted into a neighborhood with Çal's metropolitan law, on the grounds that he passed without permission from the Istanbul-Ankara Motorway on October 10, was administrative. 260 lira, including 26 lira toll, was fined. Shocked, Varol said that he would appeal to the judiciary, stating that he never left Dayılar.
Mehmet Varol stated that he thought that his birthday was on October 8 and that when he was sentenced, he thought that he was making a birthday joke, but he understood the truth in a short time, "I will file a lawsuit at Denizli Magistrates' Court and demand the cancellation of the sentence." Stating that he never left Dayılar with his tractor, Varol said that he went to their land about 6 kilometers away from his house, and that his father-in-law lived in a similar way.
Mehmet Varol said, “My father-in-law Osman Varol is 76 years old and has a car. He received a penalty for passing the Mersin highway without paying any fee. The 20 NR 750 license plate car has been parked in front of his home for months. He cannot drive the car because he is old. We cannot make sense of these punishments, "he said.

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