Speed ​​Limit Response to Kozcağız Bartın Road

Kozcağız Bartın Road Speed ​​Limit Response: Kozcağız Bartin highway, especially in recent years due to the radar applications to pay high penalties due to the drivers have reacted to the 50 km speed limit.
Gendarmerie Traffic Teams intercepted the radar penalties began to collect a large response.
Specifically due to the radar fines that have occurred after the traffic accidents in the last period, the drivers stated that they suffered a great deal, radar We do not want to have accidents. The 50 speed limit is too low for road conditions. The speed limit should be increased to at least 70 except for the village entrances. Hız
Bartın Kozcağız Warning that the warning signs of road warning of the highway, the road lines drawn by the highways should be followed continuously, drivers, especially in some parts of the road in the areas of the lines have been deleted.
Drivers, ek 50 where we will go to the place where we leave the vehicles as better. We want the speed limit to be 70. We call on the Provincial Traffic Commission, especially the Bartin Governor. 70 is a vehicle that goes out in front of the human animal can also be stopped easily. If you want to test, if any, try the steering wheel. V

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