Chairman Erkoç Inspects Asphalt Production at Asphalt Worksite

Mayor Erkoç Inspected the Production of Asphalt on Asphalt Construction Site: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç made investigations on the asphalt sites.
Mayor Erkoç Receives Information on Work From Asphalt Site Officers and Expressed Their Expectations to Evaluate the Recent Fall in Oil Prices; Iyor Our Asphalt Production Works Continue Intensively. 3 We are manufacturing in different factory. As of today, we are in the effort to produce more than one thousand tons of asphalt on a daily basis. The price of the bitumen, which is the main material of hot mix asphalt with the fall of oil prices, has also been reduced by% 50. By evaluating this in the best manner, we continue our asphalt works as much as the weather conditions allow. We are now on our way to Kazanlıpınar apples, apples, Önsen, Fatih Our neighborhoods continue to work intensively asphalt roads. These Works Will Continue At The Same Speed ​​In The Future Years. İn
President Erkoç, on Asphalt Excavation Workshops, chatted for a while.


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