Asphalt work in Çankay

Çankayada asphalt work: Ankara Çankaya Municipality teams, 2014'ın meet the last days of the districts within the boundaries of the work continues in the neighborhood.
Teams, districts in the neighborhood since January 56 thousand tons of full-paved asphalt pavement in the regions under the conditions of time damaged by the use of 12 thousand 500 tons of asphalt patch was used for the process.
The teams that completed the asphalt repair work in the 102 neighborhood and 1146 street within the boundaries of the district laid out 68 thousand 500 tons of asphalt in total, including full coating and repair work.
Çankaya'nın brand that has become the brand and preferred with the colorful patterned asphalt pavements offering service to the Çankayali municipality teams, 8 30 month in a short period of time 22 thousand 500 square design of colorful patterned asphalt pavement was carried out. During this time, 55 paved stone, 65 thousand 500 square meter pavement, 48 bin 500 square paved in the stone. 2 thousand 470 mosaic and 15 thousand-meter stair road construction work, 4 bin 500 meter stair rail and 6 thousand square meters staircase construction. Çankaya Municipality, 104 square roofing work and 3 thousand 104 pieces of mushroom stone application was made in various regions of the county.
The new road opening, maintenance and machine maintenance work in the new opened areas teams, material road maintenance to the road maintenance 794 thousand 140 square meters while the machine road maintenance 715 thousand 90 square meters, the new roadmoving work 186 thousand 515 square meter material used.
Çankaya Municipality, which does not help the official institutions and organizations such as associations, foundations, places of worship, schools, does not leave the roads of the public institutions while doing carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical works. In line with the demand, 10 official 5 tons of asphalt paving teams 192 in the district boundaries completed 5 tonnage asphalt work at 955 school.



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