Istanbul Airshow to negotiate bargaining

Istanbul Airshow at bargain will escalate: Turkey, which has become a center of aviation in Istanbul Air Show will be hosted. Boeing and Airbus will try to anneal THY, which is on the eve of the decision for the purchase of new aircraft, in the huge organization that addresses the 500 billion dollar aviation market.

"Airline will be the way of the people" Based on the slogan of last year 11 groundbreaking in the aviation Turkey, it has become influential in the industry today. 3, the construction of Istanbul, which has been accepted as the most secure center of all flights from the west to the east, from the north to the south, has been started. Airport became the flagship of the sector. Mega City is now ready for one of the world's largest aviation fairs to be held at 25-25 September at the Ataturk Airport General Aviation Terminal Apron. In order to make room for the organization that appeals to the 500 billion dollar aviation market, the scrap aircraft in the parking lots of the terminal were removed by the DHMI teams. Istanbul Air Show will showcase the world's giant aerospace company Boeing and its strongest rival Airbus.


THY Board of Directors of an era in Istanbul is that in deciding the future for new Airbus aircraft purchases Showa A350 MSN5 XWB test aircraft will be introduced for the first time in Turkey. THY plans to buy 2023 new cargo aircraft for the 9 vision. These planes will be Boeing 747-800, Boeing 777 or Airbus 330. The Istanbul Air Show will be the stage of a fierce competition in terms of marketing these models to THY management. Airbus President Europe and Turkey with Turkish Airlines Boeing management will try to annealing. Also 2012 the first time in Turkey and Ataturk Airport from Airbus introduced Airex Istanbul Air Show 380 future once more. Sabiha Gokcen Airport will be built for these aircraft and 3. A380, the world's largest passenger airplane, is expected to expand its customer portfolio.


The Istanbul Air Show 25 will be opened on Thursday by Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, on Thursday, in addition to giant passenger aircraft, as well as state-of-the-art business jets, helicopters and hundreds of aircraft. 28 will be open to the Istanbul Air Show press and aviation enthusiasts. as well as in Eurasia aviation airport in the industry pioneer status in the areas of Turkey, which has made great strides in recent years in the aviation industry 11. In particular, Turkish Airlines has made the purchase of the installed aircraft and 120 243 has become one of the most important airlines of the region, not only in the region, but also in its flights to different destinations in the country. While 2012 was the fastest growing airport in the world, 21 became the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The International Air Transport Association (according to IATA) 2012 year of air transport statistics, passenger traffic at most increase the country category in Turkey, the total 115 million 507 thousand 708 passengers and so 17 'taking third place with a growth location being one of the most important aviation hub in the world revealed its potential.


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